Postcards from Japan and the Ukraine

Guess which post card is from which country.

Did you guess that this is from Japan?  I love the red, it’s even more vibrant in real life.  Plus, on the back side, the woman put decorative tape and stickers along with her message.  It was very pretty all around.

Isn’t this nice?  The quote on the back was from Nietzsche:  “That which does not kills us makes us stronger.”

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Japan and the Ukraine”

  1. I have been having trouble finding any postcards here. I asked about postcards at a monastery I visited, and they pointed me towards a stack of 8 1/2 by 11 prints of religious icons.where did you get your cards?

  2. Well I live in Portland, chock full of artists dying to make money and tons of small letter presses. So I get postcards everywhere. But when I was in Budapest, I really had to do a lot of explaining to get to some postcards. It was one of those tasks I thought would be easy and was not. We eventually found them in a bookstore in a mall. Although when I visited a monastery they had cards, so maybe your monks were not postcard-savvy?

  3. These are so beautiful. I love that I have a sticker friendly kindred spirit somewhere in Japan! I am totally in…when my apathy for everything (and my grad class) is over.

    Don't forget that you can make your own postcards by printing on 4X6 index cards. I also find that using advertising cards (of post card size) as postcards can be fun. I cover the ad side with blank address labels and it's ready for my message.

  4. Interestingly, some people in Post Crossing don't like to get handmade postcards. It was rather a surprise to me. Right now, I'm just thrilled with the mail in the mailbox, but some people are very dismissive of certain kinds of postcards, like the tourist ones, the advertising postcards, or handmade ones. One person even said, "I don't like homemade postcards, I prefer real ones." This was a statement whose rudeness rather took my breath away. It also made me change my profile to say that I love mail art.

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