Postcards from Taiwan and Germany

This is from Sonia who is a senior in high school and hopes I can come to Taiwan.  She also hopes I like the postcard.  I do!    It reminds me of the movie Hannah.  But in a good way.
This postcard is from Jule, who lives by the Black Sea in Germany.  She translates the front as “Life is an adventure—dare it.”

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Taiwan and Germany”

  1. Wow, the postcard from Taiwan is really creepy-cool! (The German card translation is very literal. I would more loosely translate it as "Life is an adventure – if you dare.")

  2. The Taiwan postcard makes me think of the creepy Vlog Brothers post that John did at that abandoned amusement park. The sound that Ferris Wheel made throughout the entire video so creeped me out I can still call them to mind.

  3. If the postcard of the Ferris Wheel creeped you out, then the movie Hannah is not for you. Although we knew that already.

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