Theatre Vertigo: The Velvet Sky

Kelly and I took in a showing of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s The Velvet Sky, a one-act where a mother has stayed awake for thirteen long years.  Her husband steals her son away one night and she must pursue them. All three family members encounter a variety of people as they move though the night.  Aside from the three main characters, there were 10 characters played by three actors.

This play hit a lot of notes in 80 minutes:  humor, confusion, terrors, longing.  I greatly enjoyed everyone, but Andy Lee-Hillstrom was fabulous as Bathroom Man/Mugger Man/Movie Man/PI Guy/Sandman.  At one point I had to remind myself that this was live theater and no CGI effects were going to swoop in and startle me.  And then Lee-Hillstrom spoke and every hair on my body stood up, he was so creepy.

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