Three things from the paper.

Ads like these make me very angry.  I dislike the pressure to look a certain way, especially after putting your body through the reverse boot camp that is the process of creating life.  I also hate how the model’s torso is stretched out to make her look thinner.  And I hate that three surgical procedures (any of which could kill you) are crammed into one day.   When I was growing up, my father often bought the Sunday Oregonian (which was available in Boise) and the plastic surgery ads always disturbed me.  The Idaho Statesmen didn’t have plastic surgery ads.  But I bet it does now.

This is the biggest “duh” statement of the day.

And this just made me laugh.  It reminds me of the “learn multiplication facts AND have fun!” nonsense.

2 thoughts on “Three things from the paper.”

  1. Yeah, that model just looks weird. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say she probably hasn’t had any children. They’re not fooling anyone. I guess I could see if they’re already mucking around in there, it makes sense for them to just do all three of those procedures at once, but it just sounds insanely dangerous to me. I don’t know if I could ever get elective plastic surgery. I feel like I would die under the knife and then all my friends would know I died for a really stupid reason.

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