Another Five Years, another journal filled.

Another five years have gone by and I’ve filled a second Daily Reminder.  Even crazier, I’ve been writing this blog long enough to have talked about finishing the first one on this very blog.

This version (unlike the first) had the days of the week printed with each day.  I found this to be a negative after the first year, because the days of the week did not match up.  However, it seems I will be dealing with this for another five years, as the new journal is exactly the same.

I went to town with books/movies in the last five years.

I actually ran out of space for books by the end of September, 2014 and ended up adding lined post-it notes to keep track of the books for the rest of the year.  We shall see if that’s still a problem at the end of 2019.

5 thoughts on “Another Five Years, another journal filled.”

  1. I do feel like your movie watching and book reading has intensified a lot in the last few years. I know you mentioned wanting to scale back a bit on reading. Are you thinking about scaling back on movies as well?

  2. Movies feel fine and actually books are fine too. I read a lot more books now since joining the librarian book group, but so many of them are picture/middle readers/ya that I probably read a lot fewer words than the year that I read entirely too much. So things are good in all areas but having enough space in the journal. 🙂

  3. Sara Here: I love that you continue to keep journals. I was a very faithful journaler when I was in high school, but did not keep it up much past college.

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