Postcard from Minnesota

This arrived today.  Each of these beautiful scenes are “wraps” for uility boxes in Sara’s neighborhood.  I hope to see them this summer in person.  My favorite in this series is the photo booth one.

Astute readers might have noticed that my Postcrossing postcards have not been coming from far-flung countries.  That’s because I took a haitus from Postcrossing and when I started up again, I was in a postcard deficit.  I had received more than I sent.  So I had to send a few without getting any in return.  I’ve evened everything up and new postcards from people I don’t know should be arriving soon.

3 thoughts on “Postcard from Minnesota”

  1. What a neat idea? But is one of those a picture of someone taking off their pants in a changing room? That’s kind of odd.

  2. I’m pretty sure that you are speaking of my favorite one, which is the one with the people sitting in the photo booth!

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