For my regular amusement.

We have a student this year who needs some special attention.  He was in the office one day with me because he didn’t want to do something and while I was trying to calm him down/let him wind down, he threw a notebook at me, hit me several times, tried to pull off my watch and flipped up my dress a few times.  Luckily he’s a quite-small kindergartener and wasn’t too effective in his wrath.  

The Speech Pathologist happened to be in the building that day and after he calmed down, she worked with him to make a poster about what he COULD do when he felt upset.  Everyone who comes in contact with him got a poster of their own.

So the day came when he was in the office again.  He was upset, so one of the Educational Assistants handed me the poster.  I set it down on the chair next to him and started to remind him of what it said. 

“I don’t want this,” he said, and crumpled it into a ball, which he then threw into the garbage can.  I chuckled.  When he calmed down, he pulled it out of the garbage can and we smoothed it out so it could continue to hang on my bulletin board, mostly so I could see it and think:

I don’t want this.

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  1. Sigh If only life were that easy, kid. There are a lot of things I wish I could simply say, "I don’t want this" about. It sounds like you were pretty good with him. I admire that you were able to keep a cool head and find humor in the situation.

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