From my commute.

I’m still waiting for my Poetry Post to appear in front of my house. In the meantime, I enjoy other people’s posts.  I particularly like the style of this one, and the nice bird perched on the edge.  If you would like the full text of the poem, without glare, go here.  This particular post is outside TaborSpace, which is my favorite multi-use space/Presbyterian Church in Portland.

On the way home, my heart sang at the sight of this overly spotty young man being dwarfed by this balloon, clicking through his Rubik’s cube. Just when I’m getting resentful of the time it takes to commute via bus, the universe presents me with something like this and I’m in love with the world again.

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  1. It is fun when there is something along your non-car commute that makes you smile. I appreciate such things as well.

  2. Are you getting your own poetry post in front of your house? How does one go about getting one? And does that then fall upon you to fill said post with bits of interesting poetry?

  3. Well, a few years ago, my father sent my brother money to build me a poetry post as a Christmas present. I’m still waiting for said post to appear. But you can also purchase a pre-made one:

    After a poetry post appears, it is the owner’s job to fill it with poetry. I have several poems picked out.

    I’m just waiting…

  4. That poem is so beautiful that it actually made me teary-eyed. Thanks for posting it! I hope you get your poetry post soon. 🙂

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