Three sentence movie review: The Art of Getting By

Probably the best thing I could say about this movie is that the actors all said their lines very well.  I could say plenty of things that are not at all nice, but I shall not traipse in that direction.  Points for the mom not falling into a domestic violence victim role and choosing instead to protect her son, but sadly, this one redeeming quality does not make any of this movie worth the watch.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home (Spring Break double feature!)

Interestingly, this movie is called “Homework” in all but the movie poster title. See how it says Homework_ver3?  When I searched “The Art of Getting By” it gave me a movie titled “Homework.”  Which was the same movie.  
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  1. Freddy Highmore is just so cute. Loved him in the myriad of films he was in as a kid. Wonder how his transition is going from child actor to adult?

  2. Freddy Highmore is currently starring in the A&E series Bates Motel, the prequel to all the Psycho movies. He plays Norman and, apparently is doing well considering I think it’s in its third season.

  3. Good point, Heather. That series looks fabulous and I’ve heard good things about Mr. Highmore there. I must have been overwhelmed by this lackluster movie and thus defaulted to his looks. Terrible of me. 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you’re always finding films I never heard of, but this is another one! Dan has this unreasonable hatred for all members of the Roberts family, so that’s all I can think of whenever I see Emma Roberts (who looks just like her aunt!).

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