Three sentence movie reviews: The Incredible Jessica James

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From the sequence where Jessica Willams has her own earbuds-in dance party–stopping only to eat a PBJ–I was all in.  This movie is funny, sweetly romantic and includes two lead actors who play off each other extremely well. Like Ibiza, this also has a really great ending.*

Cost: Monthly Netflix subscription ($7.99)
Where watched: at home

Also consider watching: Maggie’s Plan, In a World, The American President, Going the Distance

*This new style of romantic comedy ending deserves a good feminist film criticism essay.  Who will write it?


Three sentence movie reviews: Ocean’s Eleven

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(note the America Online keyword listed on the poster!)

In watching Oceans 8 with Matt, I learned he had never seen Oceans 11, 12 or 13 and that situation needed to be remedied. Just as Soderbergh had hoped, this movie remains a pleasure from beginning to end.* I’d also forgotten about the use of Elvis’s “A Little Less Conversation” in the soundtrack, which was the perfect amount of Elvis for this Vegas film.

Cost: $2.99 via Google Play (but free due to Google Survey credits)
Where watched: at home with Matt

Also consider watching: Logan Lucky, Now You See Me

*The dialogue! The costumes! The machinations of plot!  The Mormon twins opening scene where they are racing monster truck vs. a radio controlled monster truck!