Lint Progress: Here We Go Again

I’m a big fan of Here We Go Again. Despite the slightly awkward name, it is a very good consignment store. When I lived in SW I liked to go to the store on SW Carolina. Since the move to North Portland, I haven’t been, but they recently closed their Barbur Blvd. store and opened one on NE Broadway which is closer to me.

I’m on their mailing list, so I knew that they were having a sale that started on Valentine’s Day at the Carolina location. I got off work at 4:30 and had a class at 6:45, but I figured I could navigate public transportation and still have 40 minutes of shopping.

Alas, it was rush hour and the bus was running a bit late. I had about 30 minutes of shopping. The sales staff was wonderful as always. They are very nice and leave me alone, which is what I prefer, but I get the feeling they would love to help me if I wanted that. Every colored tag (about 80% of their merchandise) was 40% off and white tags were discounted too. Once again I concentrated on pants.

The selection wasn’t as good for me this time as it has been. There were a few size 12 and even fewer size 14 pants. Larger sizes must not be consigning there as much lately. It didn’t take me very long to try them on, but nothing fit. I grabbed a few dresses too, just for fun, but struck out there. I went through the jackets and there was a very nice leather jacket that I really wanted to fit, but alas it was a tiny bit too small.

I ended up with this bag. I’m pretty excited about it, because I’ve been carrying things in a backpack with a duct-taped strap. The backpack is a very roomy bag and when I was going to the gym could hold my food, my newspaper and all my gym stuff. However, since I haven’t been sleeping I haven’t been going to the gym and the duct-tape strap, even though I specifically bought black duct-tape to match the bag, makes me feel a bit shabby.
Backpacks are better for the back, but I think this bag won’t be too hard on my shoulder. It’s big enough to fit my lunch and thermos as well as my camera, wallet, and my letter writing kit. I also like the green lining. With my 40% off, it was $15.00.

2 thoughts on “Lint Progress: Here We Go Again”

  1. I love this bag!!! Too bad about the pants. Why is trying on pants SO evil? I will include my one little tidbit from what not to wear…anything can be tailored to make it like a custom fit piece of clothing. I think if you love some pants, but they are just not quite right, it is something to consider. And on a side note, do you sew any more and could you make pants for yourself that would be customized, or would that be too, too much?

  2. I do know about the tailoring thing, every wardrobe book mentions it. Alas, all of the pants I tried on were either too small, way to big or much, much, much too long in the rise.

    I’m not sewing so much now. I can’t do the garden and house projects and sew (sadly.) The sewing plans I have all are home decor involving flat surfaces a la curtains. And pants are pretty hard to sew so they fit. So I lumber along in ready to wear.

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