42 pairs of pants.


Okay, so maybe there aren’t 42 pairs of pants on that rack, but I do have to try on a tremendous quantity to find pants that sort-of fit. These are the rejects.  I found two pair to purchase.* When will clothing manufacturers find a way to clothe women in my size?

*And then one of them shrunk in the wash and didn’t fit anymore.

3 thoughts on “42 pairs of pants.”

  1. I abso-freaking-lutely agree! And, hey, let’s not force everyone into “stretchy skinny” pants. Because, really? Stretch stretches and then slide down and who really needs to deal with that?

  2. Oh no! What a bummer that one pair shrunk in the wash. Shopping is such a pain. It’s so difficult to find a great fitting pair of pants.

  3. I hate pants shopping. Good job you for making it happen. I have been avoiding new pants purchases in spite of a current need.

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