42nd Street Station

“What is this place?” I wondered as I wandered by.  Not having to be anywhere at any time, I checked it out. IMG_3653

Ah, it’s one of those places that takes a big space and then makes smaller spaces available to small businesses.  These seem to be a very 80s concept to me.


I enjoyed looking at the different businesses and stopped in the restaurant to have a sandwich before heading home.IMG_3649

There was a deli counter and also a bar.  I was offered a free Keno play, which I took.  It was not a winner. (Surprise!)IMG_3650

My egg salad sandwich and water.  IMG_3651

I stopped in the bathroom on the way out and was interested to see this random room of antiques in the hallway near the bathrooms.  There wasn’t a sign telling me what it was and there wasn’t a person to ask.IMG_3652

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