Three sentence movie reviews: A Ghost Story

The most surprising thing to me about this movie was how incredible the ghost costume was.*  I also really liked this movie for what it had to say about time, and just when I was wondering where we were going with this, the movie took a very interesting turn.  That said, it’s probably best watched in a very theater-like environment as its sparse dialog and long tracking shots are best paid attention to when you aren’t thinking about the laundry in your bedroom you haven’t folded, or the fact that its time to feed the cats.

Cost: $5.35
Regal City Center Stadium 12 with S. North.

*There was so much of it–Casey Affleck is not a short man–and it was this rich, thick material that looked great on film.

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: A Ghost Story”

    1. Other movies this year were more lovable, but this was So. Good. I’m still thinking about it, much more often than the movies that come ahead of it on the ranked list. And it’s not a movie that can be recommended to everyone. Because I’m guessing a large percentage of the movie-going public will say: Booorrrrrriiiinnnnnggggg!!!!!

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