A walk in Kenton, Arbor Lodge and Overlook

This unit of the apartment complex down the street from me always has such nice flowers.

I love that you can see the bones of a standard tiny bungalow hiding behind what I would guess was a renovation to give the house a Spanish-style facade.


Take note!

The Overlook neighborhood doesn’t love that Adidas North American Headquarters shares the neighborhood. But I also bet they didn’t love it when that building was a hospital.

Also, I would recast that sign to read: This is not an adidas approved Lyft or Uber transfer point.

  • I left the “a” in Adidas as a lower case “a” because of branding. However I used uppercase in my writing because that’s what is standard practice in reporting.
  • “Nor” goes better with “neither” which doesn’t work in this sentence.
  • “Pickup” as both a noun and an adjective is one word. It’s two words as a verb.
  • “Drop-off” does use a hyphen
  • However, the use of a compound word and a hyphened word when they have a similar structure is confusing, so I changed “pickup or drop-off area” to the brief phrase “transfer point”
  • I would also consider replacing “Lyft or Uber” with the word “ridesharing” to use a more generic term.
  • I chose “ridesharing” over “ride sharing” because Google’s Ngram Viewer indicates that the compound word is used more often.

2 thoughts on “A walk in Kenton, Arbor Lodge and Overlook”

  1. I am back! Dishes done, laundry started, a few boxes put away! Wah lah!

    I like this new feature of editing signage on walks! Nice to see a little Keen Eye in the mix!

    1. I have a gleam of a plan of doing blog posts on Keen Eye about signs and other typos. In fact, I’m supposed to be noticing and taking picture daily (she realizes as she types) but I seem to have forgotten that. Thanks for the reminder.

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