A year of Family Book Group

I had great amounts of fun in my first year leading the Family Book Group for sixth and seventh graders. And I also had fun making a handy color-coded sheet of our highs and lows.

Overall, our highest rated book was I Am Princess X.  Our lowest was the Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle.

Based on these results, I’m on the hunt for YA that isn’t too old for next year’s group.

I also received a very nice card from one of the participants.

9 thoughts on “A year of Family Book Group”

  1. Lovely! “The youth” do thank you cards via snail mail! I LOVE IT! (Note: those “” are standing in for italics because I don;t feel like actually finding the code for italics (unless that did it and that was easy)). I’m excited to see which of my suggestions may have made the list.

  2. did make italics, but after them…how to make it stop?!?!

    apparently I know enough code to make me slightly annoying… not even dangerous!

  3. Sorry I needed to work that out in your comments…though not really that sorry because I believe that you will enjoy it.

    1. Indeed, this thread was snort-worthy. Especially because the card was delivered in person, not by snail-mail.

      But look at all that you have learned about comments.

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