Amusing mail at work.

The Oregon Department of Education apparently has some alternative spelling of “Emerson” they find preferable.  I see this spelling a lot and I don’t understand where it comes from as there is no famous “Emmerson”.  Just old Ralph Waldo.  One “m”.

This just made me laugh. 
Casting call: We need a buttoned-up type to look like a very annoyed librarian.  No botox. The more disappointed, the better.

(Note that I know a lot of librarians and they don’t look like this at all.)

2 thoughts on “Amusing mail at work.”

  1. Haha, the scorn in that "librarian's" eyes is awesome! She's totally believable. If she has kids, I bet they feared being on the receiving end of that look.

    And I agree, I'm not sure why it's so difficult for people to spell "Emerson" correctly.

  2. You know what's funny? We use Alexandria in our little pocket library at school where I work. I actually may look like this when I use it sometimes! We have the old version and it keeps reminding us of that!

    I realize now from your letter and my missing postcards that you have no context for that statement. Here is the quick version – which won't be quick because, well, you know. My college CEHD (Education et al) is separated into departments (9, I think). I am in the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) department in the literacy track (there are 6 or so tracks) and that is where my Children's Lit/Adolescent Lit focus area resides. Quick right? The department has a little pocket library that houses a pretty wonderful KidLit/AdLit collection. We have a special collection of award winning books for about 10 ALA awards. With all of the books in those categories from 1990 on. There is a small research collection with academic titles. And a collection of ESL book which is called SLC (Second Language and Culture) that is newer to the library (lost its home in the SLC department when things expanded and re space was needed for something else). Each semester the PhD students are funded through this library with 0.25 assistantships (10 hours each). We have 2 PhD students and 2 undergraduate students who are employees. I have always wanted to be a librarian so its a pretty amazing gig. Can't believe that is paying (in addition to another 0.25 position) for my education. I feel blessed and lucky for that! So there you go. I realize that when the blog is up and running I may need a library tour post.

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