Another fan of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

One of the downsides to digital is that I can’t spy very well on people’s reading materials.  When I’m reading on my phone people can’t see I’m catching up with the Oregonian. And e-readers don’t have the title printed at the top of every page, like printed books do.    But there are still times I can see what’s in someone’s hand. Like this young man.IMG_5576

Looking at the photo I notice he’s from De La Salle, (a Catholic High School that focuses on academics and work experience) which makes me wonder if it’s required reading, or he’s just interested.

(And sometimes when you are quickly taking the picture on the train, someone leans forward into the frame and glares.)

One thought on “Another fan of the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”

  1. Haha, the guy in the forefront does sort of look like he’s about to murder you.

    When I was in LA last weekend, I swung by a Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica (to buy shorts, of which I had none; now I have 2) and they were selling Kondo books behind the counter. Then I went to meet a friend in Venice, where she started talking about the Kondo system. Such an odd coincidence! I told her how much success you’d had with it and encouraged her to try. She definitely needs some organizational help!

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