Awesome clock! (a.k.a. rich people get all the good stuff)

I was passing by the shop window when I saw a smaller version of this clock and gasped. It told the time. But using letters. And the words changed locations on the clock every five minutes.

I took a picture and showed Matt and he thought it was cool too, so I went to the inquire as to the cost. The very nice clerk showed me the features, namely that there are dots in each corner and those show the minutes in between the five minute marks. We watched it change from 3:35 to 3:40 and it was an amazing experience. Then he told me that the 6″ x 6″ clocks were $600 and the 1′ x 1′ clocks started at $1400. I thanked him nicely and went on my way, muttering, “rich people get all the good stuff.”

And then, the shop put up a going out of business sign. Was this my chance to own such an amazing specimen? After all, I had a tax return coming. I waited until the signs said 60–75% before I went in to inquire.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted any clocks to be available. Was I really the type of person to have a small clock that cost that much, even on sale?

Thankfully, all the awesome clocks were spoken for at the 40% off mark.

So I left with no clock and a healthier bank account and I know exactly what I will do first if I ever come into a substantial amount of money.

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