Be sure to coordinate your shirts before the photo shoot

This is an article by the Pecks, who are our local home-and-yard columnists.  They were replacing the counter top to their island with their help of their neighbor.

I was amused at their uniformity in clothing.  Apparently, everyone got the black-and-white flannel memo.

2 thoughts on “Be sure to coordinate your shirts before the photo shoot”

  1. The couple’s coordination makes sense, but the neighbor also wearing the same shirt is pretty hilarious. That has to be intentional!

  2. I love that! It’s funny, sometimes Shawn and I dress very similarly without realizing it until we see each other in the evening. Our morning schedules are quite different so it happens in completed separation then we laugh when we see each other. This is always amusing on Fridays when we are going out with other people (which happens sometimes) and it seems like we coordinated like the photo. 🙂

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