Before and After Before Midnight

The Flicks!  Still the same!  Still has video (and now DVD) rental!  Still has a cafe!  Still has two theaters where I saw so many very good movies! (Secret of Roan Inish, Jeffery, Kids, Dazed and Confused, Emma, the list goes on.)
Sara and I in front of the movie poster.  We saw the first movie in the series together (with Cindy at Cindy’s house) and it was her idea to wait and see the newest one when we were in Boise together.
After, Shawn met up with us and we went to the Modern Hotel Bar for some cocktails.

One thought on “Before and After Before Midnight”

  1. The Flicks! I love that it is still there and flourishing as well. My first stint in Art House movies, documentaries, and other great indie films was here. I had thought to find a lot of the same types of cool independent theaters when I moved out to WDC. Sadly, no. Corporatized theaters are all of the norm. Makes me miss The Flicks even more.

    I also love that we did this. It makes me laugh that I had engineered a story about us seeing Before there. Funny! It does make a better story, no? I like that I almost look like I have antlers in the Modern picture!

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