3 thoughts on “Bend Anniversary: Things seen in the Old St. Francis parking lot”

  1. That saint appears to have with a dog with him, so I got curious and Googled “saint with dog.” Google tells me that might be Saint Roch (or Rocco), the patron saint of dogs and dog lovers. That’s a saint I can get behind! 🙂 (The patron saint of cats is Gertrude.)

    The alien “family” is probably my favorite of the stick figure families!

    1. This saint information is good information to have. If we had taken the self-guided tour, we might have a better idea of who this person is.

  2. Funny stick figures. I’m rather fond of HP versions that I have seen!

    I would also guess St. Francis – only because he is more famous than St. Rocco. So it would be especially cool if it was the lesser known saint!

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