Boise To-Do List

The last few print issues of EW kept me company on my Boise trip. The last issue was mailed in the spring, but I’ve been hording them for a trip since Sara sent them to me.

I drove around and got the Boise map back in my head. It had been supplanted by the Portland map to the point where I recognized the names of the major streets, but wasn’t entirely sure where those streets were in relation to each other. And god forbid those streets shared a name with a Portland street. I had no idea. While driving, I visited a bunch of favorite places. Dipped soft serve at the Fanci Freeze, finger steak dinner from Big Bun (why are finger steaks not a thing everywhere? They are so very good!), chocolates from Lee’s Candies. I got most of my to-dos done.

I couldn’t fit in a movie at the Flicks, but not for lack of trying.

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