Card from Finland

Is this not lovely?  It was a cold and rainy (as well as grumpy) day when I received it and it immediately cheered me up.

Inside, along with the temperature and a picture of the weather, it says:
Greetings from Finland!
I liked to paint card to you with acrylic colours. Yesterday we were on ice fishing. I fick four fishes and then I ate them. Outside I have snow heart and (drawing) of snowballs and candle is inside it. I hope all the best to you.
Oh Postcrossing!  So wonderful!  I checked this postcrosser’s profile to see if she painted everyone a card.  She does not.  I’m not sure why I was the lucky one, but I’m happy she picked me to receive such a beautiful card.

5 thoughts on “Card from Finland”

  1. Fantastic! Lucky you. People who don't want self-made cards are crazy. Sure, I've gotten some weird self made cards, but I've gotten far more that were super cool. The colors in this one are great.

    She "ficked" four fish though, huh? Oh my! Haha.

  2. How delightful. I believe that is your first hand-painted postcrossing card. It cheers me up just looking at it!

  3. Astutely observed, Ms. Sterner. I hadn't realized that. I've gotten a couple of collages, and that Zentangles one, but this is the first painted one. I'm glad it came in an envelope, too, because it probably would have been rained on.

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