Card from Russia

What’s weird about this card is that it is a Papyrus card, that looks exactly like any Papyrus card I could buy in any store that sells cards here in the USA.

But inside (and apologies, Picasa isn’t uploading to blogs anymore so I have to do it myself and sometimes the orientation thing is off) is Cyrillic!  Crazy!
What was written inside said, “Here is written: harmony and piece!”
So great!

4 thoughts on “Card from Russia”

  1. It is so lovely. I didn't know that cards were also acceptable in post-crossing! It seems like the louts blossoms are raised off of the card. Lovely.

  2. Yes! Postcards are the main thing, but it costs the same to send either a note card or a postcard internationally (at least here in the US). Some people request ONLY postcards, but I'm happy with whatever.

  3. Lovely card. Papyrus cards are great, no matter where they come from. They're rather spend here in the U.S. though. I wonder if they're also expensive in Russia?

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