Cathedral of Saint Paul.

Our wandering took us to the Cathedral of Saint Paul, which is a gorgeous building conveniently located by Summit Avenue, where all the rich people built houses.IMG_3895





I learned (from Shawn) that the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) all have animal symbols to go with them.  Thus, we know that this is Mark, because he’s got a lion with him. Okay wait.  Below you will find a picture with something that is clearly a lion.  So this must be Luke with the Ox?  Although that doesn’t look like an ox to me.



 Here is John with the eagle.


 This delighted me to no end, because I imagined people coming in with big gallon containers and filling them with holy water for home use.  But Sara told me that really I should be thinking of containers that would make it through security at an airport. Apparently a little holy water goes a long way in the home.


 Here’s Matthew with an angel.


 Really great goose lamp.


 Detail of the main light hanging from the dome.


 Great proportions, eh?


 Here is Mark with the lion.


 One of my first exposures to the candle lighting at Catholic churches was by reading a somewhat scary middle-reader novel.  The name escapes me at this juncture.  But something wasn’t going well in the main character’s life, and he went to church and lit a candle quite often.  I loved that idea, and thus always enjoy when I come across the candle section in the church.  I’m sure the candle section has an official name.  But I’m not looking it up.  Shawn?


 Sara and Shawn on the steps.  Sara was telling me to envision it to be winter and the entire steps and all the way across the street and down the hill are covered with ice.  Then to picture people skating down them.  Or you can watch this video.


 Here’s the capitol dome.  Though a tour of the capitol would have totally fit my theme of Houses & Homes (house of government) no tours are happening because of a big renovation. Phooey.  I love me a good capitol tour.





2 thoughts on “Cathedral of Saint Paul.”

  1. It is a gloriously beautiful church. I enjoying going to Mass there (for the architecture and not really the liturgy – but that is neither here nor there). When we visited in March for recruitment there was a wedding in the church. What a glorious space to be married in! I bet the pictures are amazing!

  2. Wow, so pretty. You’ve got to love a grand, old church. I’m a huge sucker for stained glass, so I think that picture you posted is fabulous.

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