Like I mentioned in the killing frost post, it’s been cold here.  And it doesn’t really get this cold here.  But temperatures insist on hovering in the 20s.  Here’s the thing about unseasonably (I should be using a word that means weather-not-in-the-normal-temperature-range.  Is there such a word?) cold weather.  We don’t have the proper wardrobe.  Pants are the big problem.  Normally, in Portland, I just wear the same kind of pants year round.  They serve me through the “heat” of summer and the “cold” of winter.  I’ve lived in places where it really does get cold and let me tell you, I had a separate part of my closet for winter pants.  But here it doesn’t make sense to do so.  The result is that I walk around with very cold legs until things return to normal.

But look!

Winter weather is also quite pretty!

2 thoughts on “Cold”

  1. I remember one winter I lived there, it got really cold like that and I had this whole dilemma about whether to wear my longer coat, which was was thinner but covered most of my legs, or my shorter coat, which was heavier but didn't cover any of my legs. I think the shorter coat won out and I just dealt with having cold legs.

  2. Very pretty. Interesting insights about winter pants. I have the same stashes for types of tights. Cold winter tights, temperate winter tights, and spring tights. All of varying weights. I wear so many skirts that I need such variety in the winter!

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