Colette Patterns’ Laurel. It’s a shirt! With the tiny ruffle variation.

Oh my gosh, do I like these shirts!  I love the color, I love the tiny ruffle variation and I love how quickly they came together.  I hoping that the dresses will come together quickly too, since I spent a lot of time fitting the shirts.
I especially love how the back is fitted. It’s not something I feel like I see a lot in shirts.

Are there things I would improve on, given my druthers?  Yep.  The top of the back is a bit too poofy and I probably could have given the bust another half inch or so.  Also, the tiny ruffles like to roll and expose the bias binding, perhaps because I over stay-stitched the neckline, perhaps because it’s just too much bulk.  The sleeves are weirdly puffy and I clearly have a ways to go in the setting-in-sleeves skill.  But overall?  Very happy.

2 thoughts on “Colette Patterns’ Laurel. It’s a shirt! With the tiny ruffle variation.”

  1. You look so cute in this shirt! You picked a great pattern for your body, and a great color too. And, of course, you did a good job putting it all together!

  2. The color is amazing! I love the back fitting as well. That IS very rare in women's shirts. I am also glad that you felt like the shirt making process was fast!

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