Crayons in desk are older than me.

I cleaned out my work desk today and found these gems.  I’m pretty sure both are from long before I was born.  I can’t say for sure the price of crayons during the 70s & 80s, but it sure wasn’t fifteen cents.  (And as an indication as to how far we are from that price, I just had to write out the amount because I don’t have a cents sign available to me in this writing platform.)

None of them looked like they’s been colored with.


I put them back in their cases and sent them off to the Goodwill. If you hear a media story about really old crowns selling for hundreds of dollars, don’t tell me about it.

One thought on “Crayons in desk are older than me.”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe that those boxes have been sitting in that desk for decades! I don’t think you should go poking around any crawlspaces. Who knows what you’ll find in there!

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