Crowns at Portland Playhouse

A different production of this play was mounted some years back and I’ve always been a little sad I didn’t see it. So I was excited to see that Portland Playhouse was going to give me another opportunity.

This was my first time at Portland Playhouse and I’m excited to return. What a great small theater!

This was where the musicians sat.

And it was a great performance, too. I was excited to see Ithica Tell, who I believe I last saw in a summer performance of Much Ado About Nothing. But the other woman who made up the cast were equally fantastic. The singing was tremendous, as were the hats.

2 thoughts on “Crowns at Portland Playhouse”

  1. Yesterday I wrote a lovely comment for this post –3 times before I was completely blocked out with an error message.

    Fingers crossed that today’s comments will stick. Also I should be grading!

    Love the set. The hats are, as they should be it seems, quite FAB! Glad you got to see this!

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