Day 29 Afternoon Bike Rides Help

May 2022. This is a post from the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been sitting in my draft folder for more than two years now. I am publishing it without revising, so please excuse its first-draft form.

I feel better today, maybe because of the afternoon bike ride, maybe because I only worked 7 hours.

Even with all my structure, time is somewhat amorphous. I went to log on to the 11:30 Zoom workshop on revision and discovered that today is Wednesday, not Tuesday. The workshop had come and gone.

I arranged a 4 pm call this morning with the editor of the journal where I am volunteering and the confusedly looked at my phone at 4 pm wondering who was calling me.

Still, things are well. I’m about to do some homework for the Timothée Chalamet list. Hopefully this movie will be better than the one I watched last night.

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