Day 8: Are you there God? Can you get me some faster internet?

May 2022. This is a post from the beginning of the pandemic. It’s been sitting in my draft folder for more than two years now. I am publishing it without revising, so please excuse its first-draft form.

One thing I learned last week is that our internet plan is not nearly speedy enough to navigate through two people working from home. It’s slow enough that Matt doesn’t even try to stream anything on the TV during the day. He’s been watching DVDs of Firefly.

When I’m doing the work I have to do before my job is over, I click on a link and then wait. And then wait some more. Sure, it’s a great reminder to breathe, but six hours later, it’s just exhausting.

We’re scheduled for an upgrade tomorrow. Ideally it will happen early so things can go back to zipping along. But they could be working as late as 3:45.

In other news, Sentinel had his growth removed and has a row of stitches up his neck. Here’s hoping we can keep the incision clean until it’s time to take the stitches out.

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