Dead Relative’s Tour 2013

Yes, it’s that time again:  time to put flowers on the graves of the dead relatives.  You can come along too.

In Rose City Cemetery I snapped a picture of this gravestone because someone I know has this same last name.  And Joshnston-with-a-“t” is much less common than Johnson.

I strode far away from the family grave to see who this large stone belonged too. From the space left on the stone, it looks like Rudolf was expecting company who never arrived.  Gravestones like this leave me a little sad.
I love headstones with photos.
A little something for the fans of the Waldorf method.  Plus, look at that great detail on the top!
(Argh. Didn’t rotate this one)
I was intrigued because it had fresh flowers, so someone is still coming around.  But it’s in a section of 1930s era deaths and has no headstone.  There’s a story here.
Basil and Basiliki are bedecked for another year.
The tools of the trade.  Also, this is the first year we haven’t gone in the Jeep Cherokee because my aunt has a new car.  It’s a silver car.  I can’t remember which kind.
That is so meta.
This hedge was gorgeous in color and undulated marvelously.
I wish I’d taken a bit more time to properly capture it.
Much speculation ensued about the family relationship here.
I love this epithet.  You go, Tyyne, with your double “y” in your name and all.
Working on Grandma and Grampa’s grave (with the new car in the background)

This year we learned that the cemetery is not providing the green vases to stick in the ground.  I flagged down a maintenance worker to ask him for one and got an earful about how the cemetery is now cheap and doesn’t want to give them out anymore because it just causes more work to pick them all up.  Then he gave me one on the down-low.  Thanks guy, you are awesome.  We will bring our own next year.

2 thoughts on “Dead Relative’s Tour 2013”

  1. Tyyne's fiestiness is my favorite! I think I want that on my grave stone! Something Catholic and then that!!!!

    I need to make it to our graves before we leave Boise.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes cemeteries. It makes me feel like less of a weirdo. I discovered one randomly the other day when I went to a park. I may have to go back to check it out.

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