Easter 2016, plus Hilda

I was tasked with the cake making, so I made Vintage Cakes‘s Daffodil Cake.  It’s a marbled chiffon/angel food cake with lime zest and a lime glaze.IMG_5148

My “Easter bunny” gift this year was asparagus. IMG_5149

A friend posted a retrospective of Hilda illustrations  (article also here) on Facebook and I excitedly told her about the the one that had been hanging in my grandparents’-now-aunt’s house since before I was born.  And here it is!  I’ve always loved this illustration.  And in the second link above, there is a different version of this with a washcloth over her nipples.  I’d always wondered where her nipples had gotten to.IMG_5150

Back to Easter.  The table is full of delicious treats.


And we had a good variety of things for dinner too! IMG_5152

2 thoughts on “Easter 2016, plus Hilda”

  1. Your table set up is so lovely. And the food looks excellent, as always. How was the cake? Angel food cake isn’t a favorite of mine but I’m intrigued by the lime glaze. Nice illustration!

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