Eight of the nine Whitmore girls.

Top row:  Mary, Helen, Beatrice, Lucretia, Margaret
Bottom row:  Betty,* Joanne, Dorothy
Not pictured: Janet
*Who is, of course, actually Elizabeth, but I never heard anyone call her that.

5 thoughts on “Eight of the nine Whitmore girls.”

  1. I'm afraid that it's going to end up being inappropriate that I asked, but why wasn't Janet pictured?

    Everyone in my immediate family hates getting their picture taken. I don't think I have any pictures where all four of us are in them. I'm impressed that your family managed to get 8 out of 9 girls all in one place.

  2. I'm not really sure why she isn't pictured. Her name was always said with a particular twist to the mouth (though not, that I recall, by my grandmother) and I get the impression she wasn't around a lot. I'm also not sure where this picture was taken, or who took it. Perhaps my mom will weigh in.

  3. The reason Aunt Janet isn't in the picture, if I remember right, is because she was working. This must have been one of those birthdays where all the brothers and sisters got together on their birthday. I know some people will cringe, but I love that the July after my mother died, they all went to the cemetery and had their lunch with her. They each brought their own lunch and had like a picnic. I always liked that as they got older, they figured they had better get together as time was running out. MOM

  4. I love the name Lucretia. If I named a daughter that, what would her nicknames be? Lucy? Tia? Re? Lucky?

    And of course you know why I must ask. As a short-namer I always wanted that lovely ability to nickname. You might feel quite differently as a long-namer/nicknamer person. I believe you had some Pat years or Pat people and so I can imagine not having control of such things would be annoying.

  5. If I remember correctly, Lucretia HATED her name. But I love it too. There was a book I liked when I was little: Lucretia Ann on the Oregon Trail. I think she went by something like "creedie" when they weren't calling her Lucreita.

    In the short name/nickname front I like names that can't be shortened. Jane, Helen, George. Those are all good names in my book.

    My dad is the only one who still calls me Pat, (from second grade) but I still have some Patty people hanging out. I like that. But now everyone gets corrected to Patricia.

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