Flowers? For Me?

No.  They were delivered to one of our teachers.  The delivery woman explained they were for the teacher’s daughter, but I was to give them to the teacher. I put the flowers in the office and passed along the note that her daughter’s flowers were there, assuming she knew the drill. She did not, however, because she arrived in the office thinking they were flowers from her daughter to her.

They were not.  They were from her daughter’s ex-boyfriend congratulating the daughter on her recent engagement, with a very passive aggressive message that made all of us roll our eyes and chuckle.  Needless to say, the daughter wasn’t interested in said flowers and was out of town, so guess who got to keep the flowers?  Me!  Thanks ex-boyfriend! I loved them.

2 thoughts on “Flowers? For Me?”

  1. Um. Wow. Pretty sure she dodged a bullet if that's the way he behaves. They're beautiful though. I'm glad you got to enjoy them!

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