Flying During a Pandemic

Things I haven’t seen in many months: Those fun post-it note illustrations on office windows. Because the kind of offices that have that kind of fun aren’t open right now. However, the airport supplied me with a nice view of Mt Hood, plus an airplane flying around the mountain.

No, thank you, airport, for being so uncrowded.

Aside from the fact that I could have caught a deadly virus and died, flying during a global pandemic was heavenly. It erased the number one thing I hate about traveling by air: feeling like cattle.

The seats in the waiting area had stickers on every other seat to promote social distancing. The plane was mostly empty. I had my entire row to myself, plus the row across the aisle, plus the row behind me. It was glorious. And I got some great pictures of the mountains.

3 thoughts on “Flying During a Pandemic”

  1. Looking at my phone for pictures…I think the last time I was in an airplane was for my trip to Tampa for a conference in the beginning of December of 2019. It feels unbelievably too long ago – but I sat here and did some more sleuthing and confirmed it! We will likely be flying to Northern Idaho for my cousin’s wedding in the end of August, but I will guess that I will not have the same bonuses of your mid-pandemic full socially distanced flight. Fingers crossed that there are no major surges and we can fly again—but I would welcome the space that you experienced and the relative gentleness of the process. I also may need a tranquillizer gun to calm my flight anxiety for that trip.

    1. I think the last time I was in an airplane was when I came for your graduation! I’d say double masking and not eating or drinking while on the plane would probably combine well with your vaccine status. But I know anxiety isn’t logical.

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