Funny in today’s comics

Ah, the secret communication with someone who isn’t ip-hay to the ig-pay atin-lay.  And “annoyerist” kind of finished me off.

Then I turned the page to find this sleepy couple.

3 thoughts on “Funny in today’s comics”

  1. I can't remember the name of that first comic strip, but I used to love reading it. The fact that he occasionally carries the cat around in a Baby Bjorn totally slays me!

  2. That's "Get Fuzzy" and I love it too. Recently Bucky, the cat, tricked Satchel, the rather dim dog, into letting him out in the hall by pretending they were in the hall and had to get back in. Rather static in retelling, very funny in actual happening.

  3. Annoyerist! I think we need to adopt that word in education. I can name quiet a few charming people it could apply to. Though I am sure there are some who might say that monicker applies to me. 🙂

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