Gilmore Girls Tracker

Was this a tracker, or a device to rein in my obsessive watching?

After making it through Season 4 of Gilmore Girls (and Gilmore Guys) I stopped and took stock. I could keep going at the clip I had been and then be behind on all my podcasts and who knows how many other things in my life. Or I could limit myself to three episodes (and three podcasts about the episodes) per week. Given that the podcasts were at least two hours—and actually as along as four hours near the end of Season 7—that was restricting my Gilmore Girls/Guys time per week to at minimum 9 hours.

So it was a limit, but an expansive one. I don’t even want to know how much time I was clocking before.

And so I followed my tracker. And so I caught up with the rest of my podcasts. And so I restored some semblance of balance in my life. It felt good to be done with the series, though, and have all that time back.

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