Great Find: Your Family Centers

This was sitting in a free box outside the antique store in Kenton and I grabbed it based on a quick flip and some pages that had to do with building things. The bulk of the book, though, rambles on about each center in a home.

I guessed the date nearly correctly (was one year off) based on this photo, especially the blue and white checkerboard coach and the way the plants were hanging. What year do you think this was published?

More clues. Velveteen couch! Also that blouse and hair combo.

How about this breakfast bar setup? I feel like a yellow version of that dishwasher was in my life at one time.

What about this entertaining space?

Did you guess 1981? You guessed correctly!

2 thoughts on “Great Find: Your Family Centers”

    1. I was thinking it was the one on Empire Way. Wouldn’t that have been that special movie theater popcorn butter yellow? I think the Oreana house was green (or Avocado) wasn’t it? Or was that just the living room?

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