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Getting to the Mock Printz at the Hollywood library turned out to be difficult. That huge amount of snow we had mid-week is still hanging around.  I took the Max downtown so I could swim, and then had planned on jumping on a bus to the library.  But I was met with a new development in transit alerts. Usually these signs say, “15 minutes” or “7 minutes” or “due”.  I’ve never encountered them giving bus updates in miles.  I translated that as being “forever” and planned a different route.The better route was the Blue Max line, which was also delayed, but it was delayed while I was sitting on it, and thus, warm.

We had a great list of books to discuss and a large turnout of teenagers to discuss them.  Danielle, steller Youth Librarian, has nicely primed the pump by having a Mock Printz discussion group that meets monthly.  

After much discussion, here was my vote.  I was pleased that so many people enjoyed The Sun is Also A Star, which I loved, but figured was too swoony-romantic for the general population.

It turned out they loved it so much that The Sun is Also a Star won the Hollywood Mock Printz.  We also picked two honor books, Salt to the Sea and Exit, Pursued by a Bear.Thanks for the fun workshop!

5 thoughts on “Hollywood Mock Printz”

  1. Interesting that there was such a large consensus! I feel like, taste being so subjective, that’s rare.

    1. I was surprised too. It may be because the teens had met monthly to discuss book, so had already had discussion together. There certainly wasn’t this level of agreement in the other Mock Printz workshop I attended.

  2. On the sheet, that is. Don’t line up on the sheet.

    I have also never participated in an ALA mock award workshop. I love that you had two takes on this. And actual teens liking and discussing YA books! Nice!

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