Our vacation continued in Portland (because it’s important to vacation in your own town) with a visit to Hopscotch, an immersive art experience.

I loved this mural, and would love to have the artist paint a mural on the side of our house. Someday, maybe.

This installation was made of plastic garbage bags, and the lights changed colors making things seem otherworldly.

Here’s a close-up with slightly different colors.

This was my favorite installation. Because a ball pit is a very fun thing, especially when not in a Chuck E Cheese and with fun lighting.

Matt really liked this room, but I did not. You put on a headset that showed you, but from a different perspective. Then you got to walk around and shoot a basket and other fun things while dealing with that perspective.

This installation was a maze of neon.

From there, we went to Clarklewis and had a delicious dinner and many, many people wished us a happy anniversary (and also engaged us in conversation about our wedding.)

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