I go away for a week and a house is *poof* gone!

1807 N. Kilpatrick.IMG_4284

It’s not unusual for houses to disappear, but this one was not for sale, and the last time I saw it, people were living there.  And not the type of living where you disappear in the middle of the night, but where you have an entire carport full of stuff with a flapping tarp hanging down to make a sort of door.

The house wasn’t in great shape, but it wasn’t falling down.  Not that the state of the house makes any difference as to its fate.


This is a smaller lot, so it was fence, house, bit of a front yard.  They had tall fir trees with empty bird feeders.


They had barky dogs that would often run past the fir trees to the fence.




According to Portland Maps (link at the top of the post) Royal Custom Homes Inc owns the lot/house as of 5/4/15 with a recorded sale price of $262,000. The home was built in 1946.



Here’s a photo I grabbed.  We shall see what comes next.


photo from: http://www.sunriverrealty.com/s/or/multnomah-county/portland/97217/1807-n-kilpatrick-st/dmgid_95719376.html

3 thoughts on “I go away for a week and a house is *poof* gone!”

  1. Is the lot too small for more apartments to go up? I sure hope so! I’m a bit sad that they massacred those big old fir trees.

    1. Nothing would convince me ANY lot is too small for apartments. I went by the other day and it looks like they are building two single family houses. I’ll post some pictures when they get taller than foundation stage.

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