If you are going to have the children and not take care of them…

At least give them halfway decent names.

I was all-in (theoretically) to adopt these kids.  But really, why put the word “sin” in your child’s name, when the proper spelling, Jackson, is just fine.  And Mackenzie isn’t too terribly horrible, but I’m not the biggest fan.  As for Daycian, sorry buddy, that you get to go through life with a name no one can pronounce.

Other than the name thing, they sound like a fun bundle.  Perhaps someone with more tolerance than me would like them?

3 thoughts on “If you are going to have the children and not take care of them…”

  1. Someone guessed "Day-shawn." I initially read it as "Day-key-ann" because we had a Cian at school and he was pronounced "key-ann" But maybe Declan. Who really knows.

    For awhile I contemplated having a feature called "Unasked for advice, given too late." This would have been a nice entry.

  2. OMG, I'm totally laughing over "Unasked for advice, given too late."

    Poor little babies. As much as I dislike kids having weird names, I dislike even more misspellings of common names. My oldest niece suffers from one of those. I'd hate to have to go through life correcting people's spelling of my name.

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