I’m all for rules and regulations, but can’t this be done electronically?

In the past few months rules in the health care and mortgage industry have kicked in and now we get a monthly statement from HomeStreet Bank telling us about our mortgage which is auto deducted.  Plus, after every appointment at Kaiser (I go once weekly for UV therapy for psoriasis) I receive a mailing telling me how much UV therapy supposedly costs.
I have an entire electronic thing set up at Kaiser so I don’t have to get these types of things, so why don’t they come via that?  And HomeStreet, it would be great to opt in to something like that for the mortgage notification.

5 thoughts on “I’m all for rules and regulations, but can’t this be done electronically?”

  1. Haha, this is one of Dan's biggest pet peeves. It drives him up the wall when he gets physical statements in the mail, especially since we're signed up to get everything electronically. Swanky letter opener, by the way!

  2. Why thank you! I believe my Aunt brought it back from Spain for my grandfather. And since my grandfather is now deceased and it was down in the basement at my Aunt's house, I was able to bring it to my house.

    Interestingly, one year for Christmas, Chris made everyone a letter opener, except me, "because you've got that nice one that was Grandpa's" he said. I opened my mouth to argue, but then closed it because I realized he was right. There's no way the letter opener he made would replace my sword. And his alternate gift was very nice too.

  3. My Grandma Sterner (who I should more correctly call Granny Sterner, but it sounds/looks so something, that I couldn't quite do it), though never living in this electronic notification age, always delighted in costing junk mail companies more money. She would take the return envelopes that were pre-postmarked on the company's dime and fill them with very heavy junk and not the actual response to whichever inquiry that came. Cardboard, pennies, other goodies, would go in those envelopes and send itself right off to the company. Wonder what the mail room openers thought of that! I could see her having some similarly crafty campaign for this such occurrence!

    She was a sassy lady, that Granny Sterner! I wish she had lived longer, I would have loved knowing her in my adulthood!

  4. I once read about someone picking up some sort of metal surplus that were the perfect size for including in those postage paid return envelopes. They were heavy, and said person delighted in sending them off to various companies. I approved of these shenanigans.

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