It’s a new year! Stuff got done.

I purposely didn’t plan very many projects to work on over the break.  In fact, the only plan was fix cat tree, so Antares would stop scratching the furniture. Julie came over and we used sisal rope to replace the fraying sisal.  Good job us!


As a reward, we prepped for my t-quilt, yet another massive undertaking.  My last quilt was made out of 3″x3″ squares of denim and other old pants.  It took more than five years and when it was done, I found it to be ugly.  But it’s super warm and keeps me warm every winter.  I just put a comforter on top so I can’t see my design.  So I have low expectations for this project.  But at this point I need to get started as I have been saving t-shirts from high school. (Borah High Class of 1993.)

I bought sheets at Fred Meyer (one black, one white) and we created a 15″x15″ template and cut out squares of backing for the t-shirts.  Then, we created  a frame (seen behind the square template made out of brown paper bags) so I could center my t-shirts before I cut them to size.  And then we cut two t-shirts so I could get started.

IMG_4847My plan is to affix the t-shirts to the sheet/backing using Sashiko embroidery.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, it was nice to have Julie’s big self-healing mat and rotary cutter, as well as her company.  Thanks Julie!

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  1. Good job on the scratching post! I’m looking forward to watching the progress of the quilt. I can already tell that the Sashiko embroidery is going to be amazing.

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