Last commuting day on the Max


For nine years I’ve worked for an employer who provided me with a monthly Trimet pass.  I have enjoyed this perk, because it means not only do I get myself to work for free, I can get around on weekends for free too.  Since we moved to North Portland in 2007, I’ve been commuting more or less daily* on the Max train.  My 30 minute door-to-door commute gave me ample time to read, to observe my fellow transit riders and to catch up on social media.  I will miss this part of my workday. It’s been great to be a public transportation girl

*Sometimes I rode my bike.  Once in a great while I walked.

2 thoughts on “Last commuting day on the Max”

  1. This made me sad. I miss my days of walking/taking the MAX train everywhere. I feel like you get to know your city so much better when you’re not in a car. How’s the new commute going?

    1. The new commute is going well. It’s a good distance–far enough to make it worth it, not so far as to be exhausting. The first couple weeks I was tired by Friday, but I told myself I didn’t have to get there quickly, I just had to get there eventually. That helped. And though I’m sure I will experience a bevy of rainy day commutes, it won’t be as many as people might think. I learned by doing recess duty that just because it rains on a particular day, doesn’t mean it will be raining at recess.

      Also, I ride into the sunrise, which is fantastic on days in which there are sun.

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