Last days of the Alder Street Food Cart Pod

The Alder Street Food Cart Pod is famous! It takes up an entire city block. Yes! People can walk the perimeter and find a large variety of choices for their meals.

It’s also going away at the end of the month. A luxury hotel and condominium will be built on the block instead.

These pictures were taken from the streetcar, hence the blurry glare.

There has been talk of relocating some of the food carts to a different area of town, maybe the North Park Blocks, or the underused park on Ankeny and Burnside. But nothing has been firmed up. So in a few days, these carts will be gone.

2 thoughts on “Last days of the Alder Street Food Cart Pod”

  1. That’s a bummer. It must have been amazing to have so many choices. I feel like we might have gone there once…but I am not sure if that is true or a reconstructions.

    Has a new location been settled?

    1. I could see that you might have gone there when Jessie was in culinary school. It’s right by her school. Alas, nothing ever came of the relocation.

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