Lunch at Nellie’s Cafe

After the museum, we ate at Nellie’s Cafe, which a girl at the museum recommended because of their homemade pie which she said she enjoyed.



Service was good and Sara got egg salad and tots while I had a bowl of Au Gratin potato soup.  I also ordered pea salad, which I’d never had before.  I feel like pea salad is in my future in some form, the recipe just needs to be refined a little.

After our meal, Sara ordered cherry pie and we both agreed that we need to bring that poor girl at the museum some real homemade pie.


Water tower in town.  They know on which side their bread is buttered.


2 thoughts on “Lunch at Nellie’s Cafe”

  1. Pie was a no, but that egg salad and tots! Just fine! Nellie was such a nasty little number, maybe eating at her joint wasn’t the smartest plan! Ha ha!

  2. I’m sorry the pie wasn’t good (was it cherry filling from a can?), but that au gratin potato soup looks delicious! While I would never think to pair egg salad and tater tots, that sounds good to me too. Maybe I’m just hungry.

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