Memo to middle-aged mom: No. One. Cares.

I’m writing this more than a month after I snapped the picture of this article/headline and I’m still annoyed.  I understand that teenagers feel like everyone is watching them.  It’s a developmental stage and they grow out of it.  I have much less patience for adults who think the world is their audience, when the world could care less.  Either wear the two-piece or don’t, but don’t inflict your psychodrama on the rest of us.  Geez.

2 thoughts on “Memo to middle-aged mom: No. One. Cares.”

  1. The other day, I was trying to read this op-ed from a middle-aged woman who wore Axe body spray for a week. I gave up halfway through when she admitted that no one cared & she had to goad people into reacting to it. I mean, seriously, why are you THAT desperate for attention in your 40s? Sheesh.

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